Author and Risk Management Expert Alexis Moore

Moore’s work has been published in a variety of publications including: law enforcement training manuals, textbooks, self-advocacy handbooks, legal journals, blogs, newsletters and other non-fiction formats.

Alexis Moore is a 2012 recipient of the national Women of Peace Award from the Women’s Peacepower Foundation, Inc. and continues to be internationally recognized for her outstanding ability to bring peace to victims of crime from around the globe.

She created and contributed to the world’s first “Survivor Series of Handbooks” for crime victims to self-advocate their way to becoming survivors, and her latest book, “A Parent’s Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying: Protecting your children as Simple as 1-2-3” is now available on Amazon and for your Kindle. And don’t forget to join the Parent’s Guide Facebook fan page!

What are people saying about Alexis Moore’s book?

“As an internet writer focused on issues facing females of all ages, I keep up with the headlines and know all too well the threats our kids encounter in cyberspace. And as the mom of two teen daughters, I know why it’s essential to keep the family computer in a well-traveled location, not hidden in a child’s bedroom.

But when I talk to other mothers and parents, I’m constantly (and unpleasantly) surprised by how ‘hands off’ they are when it comes to supervising their kids’ computer use…and how parents don’t even know whether their child is surfing the web, instant messaging, sending emails or chatting via webcam…or who’s on the other end.

Not enough parents are aware of the dangers facing their kids until it’s too late. And when a parent is reacting in crisis mode, the damage is already done.

Alexis Moore’s book is a long-overdue wake up call for parents of tweens and teens who think they have no control over their child’s online life. They do, and Moore explains in a knowledgeable and straightforward manner what the dangers are and how to avoid common cyber pitfalls. She gives specific and concrete take-homes that every parent — even the least technologically savvy among us — can implement and teach their child to follow. And she outlines behaviors to look for if your child is being victimized but refuses to speak up about what’s happening.

Moore writes from experience and from years of work on behalf of cyberstalking victims. Covering everything from cyberbullying to the advances of a sexual predator, she leaves no stone (either real or virtual) unturned. This book needs to be in every home in which there’s a child, a computer, and internet access.” - Linda Lowen, Guide to Women’s Issues

“This book does an amazing job at shedding light on the increasing risk of cyberstalking and pinpointing the key areas parents need to focus on to safeguard their kids. Alexis A. Moore superbly distills the issue of cyberbullying and provides tangible solutions that can help prevent painful attacks before they start. As a crime victims’ advocate, Moore is uniquely qualified to offer her insight and guidance in this complex and largely unregulated online world. As a survivor of cyberstalking, Moore shares her in-depth knowledge and expertise on how to protect even the most cyber savvy teens from the dangers lurking behind their computer screen.” - Gina Kaysen Fernandes, documentary producer, investigative reporter, mother of two

 “A work that finally addresses a very important issue facing young adults and something that all of them, their parents and any adult that uses technology should know about. Technology has surpassed everyone’s expectations in the last century and our culture has not kept up with the social ramifications. Alexis’ knowledge and research have brought to the forefront something that has impacted nearly every person whether they know it or not. This is a must read for all teens, parents, family and friends.” - John D’Agostini, El Dorado County Sheriff

 “This book takes a very comprehensive look at the reality of cyberstalking and cyberbullying. Anyone who is responsible for the care of children will absolutely appreciate this up-to-date look at these issues. The book is packed with in-depth information and an easy to understand assessment of the obvious dangers of cyberstalking and cyberbullying. It also shows how it can start from something seemingly innocent and progress into more predatory, dangerous actions. A look at the important warning signs for would be stalkers and the effects it has on teens is also covered. The contents are definitely applicable to all users of the internet and anyone reading this will not only benefit from its information but more so, learn how to be a safer internet user. Every one should read this book”. - Lyn Twyman, founder, The Courage Network

 “As a grandparent, an activist of a nationwide foundation supporting women and children and a retired teacher, I am confident this book will produce awareness, which will facilitate and promote dialogue between parents, teachers and our youth who are facing tough challenges through the use of the new and often dangerous technology of today” - BettyJean Kling M.S, M. Ed Founder: The Majority United, host of WOMEN Coalition Radio 

“Finally, a book on Internet safety and cyber-stalking from an expert who’s been there! Alexis writes with the passion and unique perspective of a survivor, which combines impressively with her level of knowledge. The information is presented in a manner making it easily accessible, and provides easy to follow techniques for parents to open a dialogue with their children about Internet safety.” - T. Schroppel, private investigator / threat assessment professional, Janus Investigative Solutions

 “Cyberstalking and cyberbullying impact youth from around the globe and this book is certain to help promote awareness of this global danger impacting youth of all ages” - Prof. Dr. José R. Agustina, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Law, Un08017 Barcelona (Spain), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

 “As a mother of five children and the founder of a national non profit organization, CUE Center for Missing Persons, I have many first hand experiences that have been targeting my children in the book; a much needed resource for educational purposes”.

As our world changes we all must practice and teach our youth the value of safety on and off line, providing empathy to circumstances of those who become a victim. Any form of bullying, stalking, predator acts or methods to defame a persons life in any fashion should not be tolerated; only through awareness of these issues can we protect our selves and our children.

I strongly feel that this resource booklet should be made available to all persons who work in the private and public sectors and who work with children and young adults. This informational guide can be utilized to help identify warning signs as well as bring forth a heighten awareness to communities abroad.” - Monica Caison, founder, Community United Effort, C.U.E.

“As a former police detective and domestic violence program director, I’m always searching for resources for new information regarding numerous subjects. I recently found Alexis Moore’s work on the topics of cyberstalking and stalking and it is the best out there on the subject.

I have found that Identity Theft in Domestic Violence situations may not have the usual goals for the perpetrator. Much of the time, ID Theft is used to maintain control over the DV victim or to use information obtained to be able to locate the victim once the victim moves or tries to hide from the perpetrator.

I suggest that you read the books and articles on the topic of cyberstalking and cyberbullying by Ms. Moore. Her insight on the topic is like no other.” - Glen Davidson., private investigator

“There is not a better film or media consultant on the topics of cyberstalking or stalking than Alexis Moore”.- Mark James, Producer.

“As a mother and journalist for several parenting news outlets from experience I know that there is not a better resource on the topic of cyberstalking and cyberbullying than Alexis Moore.” Kathryn Graham, Journalist

“We are anxious to read and see what Alexis Moore does next. She always finds new and innovative ways to help all ages deal with the issues posed by cyber space. In my professional opinion, she is one of the most creative and innovative experts on the subject”. J. Greyson, LCSW.

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